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That's called BREAKING IT DOWN. If you could magically transport the best available options to us (M6 or future) with the European surgical experience and no fights from the insurance companies....these discussions and debates would be MUCH LESS involved, and much less hair being pulled out. I like this topic as well and should be a permanent attachment thread with it's own header.

I hate to undercut our country by taking my U.S. money to foreign land, but hey since when did i have to go overseas to get a U.S.-made product??

2013 - MRI and CT scan....DDD L4-S1
left side (where my pain is) interarticularis pars fracture/defect with Spondylolithesis L5 over S1 with 2MM anterior displacement

Feb. 2014 - Hybrid lumbar fusion(l5/S1), ADR(L4/L5)...2-level cervical ADR (C5/C6, C6/C7). Dr. Pablo Clavel of Quiron Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. All M6 implants (PEEK cage and plate from Medtronic at fusion level in lumbar.) SAME DAY OPERATION for both areas of the spine.
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