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My reasons: I went twice

1-Same old story here Gold standard.
2-Read between lines with many Docs. They are afraid of getting sued.
3-They dont have the skill set to do the operation and fall back on what they know.
4-M6 disc. Its sad since IMHO its one of the if not the best unit for MY conditions. Typical lawsuit nonsense which again backs the Doc theory here.
5-Spoke to six surgeons here which all wanted to fuse and also agreed I was perfect for ADR BUT we don't do it.
6-Stepped approach. ADR can be fused if problems arise. Not easy but can be done. M6 is relatively simple to remove. Multiple conversations with Clavel regarding this and he explained the whole procedure if. No different added concerns with going back in on a failed fusion.
7-Europe just plainly has ten times the practice at this procedure. 50th in line or #3000. Me i'll take one of the guys with the most expertise.
8-Hard to find anyone to do two level. Insurance aside since that will be a fight either way.

There are more but these are the most prevelent.

Good topic Stone.

Lumbar issues 18 yrs
herniations lumbar L3-5 multiple Epis etc etc
Annular tears L3-5 cauda equina
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C5-7 M6C by Dr Clavel on June 5 2013
L3-5 M6L by Dr. Clavel on 12.18.13
Living life instead of living the condition
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