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International Assistance Any topics relating to traveling or communicating with international treatment locations are here.

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Old 01-27-2014, 10:13 AM
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Why go overseas?

I waited for five years for a better option than fusion. Each US surgeon I consulted with only suggested an intervention within the constraints of approved medical necessity - which again was fusion.

My own personal physician was my biggest fan for making the decision to have ADR in Germany. In her opinion, US doctors are restricted based upon political (both federal and business) bureaucracies. Even if they KNOW there are more effective practices outside their realm, they are curtailed for fear of exposing themselves to malpractice within their medical corporate environment for suggesting an "illegal" procedure. The US thrives on lawsuits from every standpoint - why would they take the risk.

So..with this in mind my decision was easy. I wanted an alternative to fusion that would allow mobility and limited restrictions (already proven and effective for 20+ years). I wanted a surgeon who was well educated and experienced in performing this surgery; lessening the opportunity for post-surgical problems. I wanted to be able to afford to have the surgery without breaking the bank and living in a cardboard box for the rest of my life.

What did I get?
I experienced medical care and treatment far beyond my expectations.
I am able to submit all my medical cost and stand a good to excellent chance of insurance reimbursement (whether full or partial - I don't care).
I have mobility.
I have my life back - even went skiing just two weeks ago - it was a blast!
It was worth every penny I spent, plus I have a new life experience and confidence that I finally made the RIGHT decision.

Where would I be if I stayed here in the US?
Please understand that if I had any potential surgical options otherthan fusion here, I would have wholeheartedly considered it, but.......

According to the practices suggested by my surgeons....
I would be fused at 3 to 4 levels, limited mobility, no options for future correction, unable to drive, work full-time, and risk the possibility of additional fusions.
OR without surgery.....continued pain, permanent paralysis from nerve damage, limited mobility with continued stress on adjacent levels.

I didn't have a choice given my medical necessity. European medical practices were my ONLY logical option for a "do-over."
2006 C 5/6 discectomy and fusion
2008 Automobile Accident
C3/4 leftward bulging of intervertebral disc mild narrowing of left lateral recess
C4/5 central and rightward bulging of disc and osteophyte causing mild right neural foramen stenosis narrowing and right lateral recess narrowing
C6/7 Central disc bulging and osteophyte and hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum canal stenosis and narrowing of bilateral neural foramina
Sept 9, 2013 Scheduled with Dr. Bierstedt C4/5 & C6/7 M6
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Old 01-28-2014, 01:30 AM
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Default wow

That was a lot of info you all posted.
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Old 02-02-2014, 12:09 PM
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If you are considering going over seas for a back or neck operation why are you thinking about it?
I'm tired of letting my DDD control my life.
I'm considering going to Germany because of
-the experience the doctors have.
-the m6
-the cost compared to US
-the post surgery care

I had a discectomy for L5-S1 in 2008.
When i woke up they told me to walk around at the hospital.
I did and then got tired and asked to go back and lie down.
I was told i no longer had a bed and was going home soon.
Cut them and get them out in the US.
Born 1970/1995-Hurt at work/1996-Right disc fragment L4-L5 discectomy-On/off back pain,no serious leg pain until/2007-Right herniation L5-S1,recurrent small herniation at L4-L5 with unbearable leg pain/6/08 discectomy L5-S1/leg pain relieved/occaisional mechanical pain/2012-Cymblata 60 mg,occasional aleve/2014-LB pain not debilitating but chronic,Rhizotomy relieves facet pain on right side/2015-L4-S1 facets shot/4/15 PLIF L4-S1 with facectomy
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