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Old 01-09-2007, 03:14 AM
jane jane is offline
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Had c5/6 &6/7 discs replaced November 2005. Have had voice problems & swallowing difficulties since. Has any one experienced this?
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Old 01-09-2007, 11:48 AM
cervie queen cervie queen is offline
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I did not have ADR, but I did have a fusion at the C7/T1 level which produced a paralyzed vocal cord. I discovered this when I was in a good mood and tried to sing a song, maybe in the shower. I used to have a vocal range of several octaves, but found I could only sing four notes! I had it checked out with an ENT Doc who used an endoscope down my nose to the throat. It was uncomfortable, but not obnoxious or painful. He could see that the left vocal cord did not move. It took at least several months for it to resolve because the recurrent larengeal nerve had evidently been bruised or slightly damaged during surgery. I can't remember exactly how long this took to resolve, but it was at least six months and after that I had to undergo speech therapy because I spoke in a monotone. I also went to a University teaching hospital where they were able to pass a video tube down my throat and we could see the non respponsive vocal cord on video. Now it is nine years later and I still have a small pocket deep in my throat where food occasionally gets caught: things like raw apple, carrot and even watermelon. I used to sing in a church choir and even sang professionally for a short stint, but now my vocal quality has been compromised as has my pitch and range. Get it checked out by an ENT Doc to see what could be going on.
Six level cervical fusion, C2 through T-1. Paralyzed vocal cord that took one year to resolve.

Three level Dynesys, tensioned down as fusion. Had Spondylolisthesis at two levels and severe facet degeneration three levels, stenosis and sciatica i
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Old 01-11-2007, 03:35 AM
bob bob is offline
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Hi Jane

As you can see below i had exactly the same procedure, my swallowing difficulties lasted around 2 months and my voice was horse on and off for about 8 months but all past very quickly and now i am back to norm.
For atleast a month a had a feeling of something stuck in my throat all the time and had to chew small pieces of food before i was able to swallow without chocking.

Hope you will get better.

Regards Bob
ACDR at C6/7 & C5/6 on the 9th dec. 2005 by Dr Peter Moloney with the Prestige lp titanium/ceramic alloy prosthetic discs. Lifes great!
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