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  1. KAISER-- Any ideas to recover expences
  2. Anyone approved by UHC?
  3. Good Insurance Co. News!
  4. BC APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, Blue Shield just authorized prodisc
  6. Medicare Changes -- Please Read & Get Involved!
  7. Blue Cross Blue Shield {aka Blue Crap}
  8. Insurance Support Service Available
  9. First step down, waiting for approval
  10. Two Level Prodisc at TBI Approved!!!!!!
  11. Second Level Appeal Sent
  12. On what grounds can Insurers deny ADR?
  13. Insurance approval on ADR
  14. prodisc and ppo's in cali
  15. ppo's
  16. List of Who has been denied ADR
  17. Seeking Other's Approval Letter/ Insurance
  18. 150pg. Insurance file DONE!
  19. Az BC/BS covering lumbar ADR
  20. Aetna/Texas Back Institute?
  21. Insurance Approval
  22. Introduction & insurance questions
  23. What Companies use Aetna
  24. insurance question
  25. ADR-Friendly Insurance Companies
  26. Insurance Decision Dragging On.......
  27. Strategy question about external appeal!
  28. Newbie in search of answers (Tri-Care Standard)
  29. INsurance reimbursment
  30. Need help with Aetna for two level ADR appeal
  31. The Insurance Warrior (Read-only topic)
  32. anyone get blueX to cover prodisc
  33. Blue Cross Blue Shield ADR Coverage
  34. Is there a time limit on how long a device can be considered ExperimenTtal?
  35. Ins approval-rescended a NEW way-Please Read
  36. BC denied my adr...
  37. Medicare Proposes No Coverage for Spinal Discs in over 60`s
  38. True Stories from Patients: Insurance Nightmares Abound
  39. denied
  40. for those who live in calif and have blue cross
  41. Oprah/Moore - "Sicko" will this documentary help us get attn for ADR Ins Coverage?
  42. insurance reimbursement
  43. Redundant Insurance
  44. Oxford Health Care and fusion
  45. CPT Codes - Fusion - NY - Oxford
  46. Independent Medical Review California Department of Insurance
  47. Technology Evaluation Center Blue Cross Blue Shield
  48. Insurance woes
  49. eHealthInsurance.com
  50. Live interview today for final appeal answer
  51. Medicare coverage for ADR?
  52. Blue Cross Blue Shield ADR Denial finally reversed
  53. Cigna ADR Approval
  54. Need advice getting ADR in Germany through workers comp in California
  55. appeal update
  56. Finally, An "Insurance Hell" Forum
  57. The Verdict Is In.......
  58. Does anyone have HealthNet?
  59. L5 S1 ADR WC Insurance authorization - It's a Go!
  60. HealthNet & Billing Codes
  61. blue cross denied bi level pro disc
  62. insurance and cervical ADR
  63. Anyone with approval letters available?
  64. CIGNA: no on 2-level ADR ? Template for Successful Appeal ?
  65. Employers decide what procedures are covered.
  66. Does MVP Cover ADR?
  67. Question about contacting insurance company...
  68. Sheri45 re WC in CA
  69. Policy covering surgery "outside" your country?
  70. Anyone have knowledge of the care at the UCLA Spinal Center?
  71. Anyone get 2 level cervical ADR approved in US? Anyone have PHCS for insurance?
  72. Call out to ALL fusion and ADR patients - appeal help requested - please read!
  73. Denied by LifeWise of Arizona
  74. Possible insurance argument from Riegel v Medtronic? Any lawyers here care to opine?
  75. Just returned from Germany with a new Prodisc 10 days ago
  76. ? about appeals
  77. Government Health Insurance Coverage Horrors
  78. URGENT - Need Aetna multilevel precendent for appeal
  79. Insurance approval for cervical ADR? Help!
  80. the death of private medical insurance?
  81. Insurance approved ProDisc-C!!
  82. Doctors Outraged at Blue Cross Request
  83. NY Attorney General Cuomo to Sue Major Health Insurers
  84. CT Workers Comp Denies 4-Level Pro Disc
  85. 3-Level Prodisc-C Approval
  86. Insurer fined $9M for dropping cancer patient
  87. Empire BCBS & Cervical ADR?
  88. Financing ADR - Advice and Tips
  89. Approval Letters
  90. Post-Operative Insurance Coverage
  91. FDA post-market surveillance and "experimental/investigational"
  92. Sorry Patients -- You are Getting Outsourced
  93. Saw a lawyer to help with appeal...
  94. New Trick Approve Surgery - Refuse Bill
  95. If I pay out of pocket, is the ins co responsible for anything?
  96. Sick Around the World - PBS documentary
  97. Need insurance/doctor help.
  98. HELP with BC appeal!
  99. out of network coverage
  100. NeeD Groups Help-ADR Cervical Studies For Lawyer-ASAP
  101. Anyone get a state agency to overturn the ins co?
  102. Insurance Lawyer Needed for ERISA lawsuit
  103. Copies of Approval Letters - Please
  104. Has anyone appealed to Unicare for ADR?
  105. What kind of doctor is denying your claim?
  106. Names of insurance cos currently approving Prodisc-L?
  107. State Board Denies ADR
  108. Cost of Spinal Fusion
  109. Anyone Won An Appeal With BC/BS of Oregon?
  110. What if I wait to continue appeal?
  111. Independence Blue Cross (IBX) Denial for Single-Level Prodisc C
  112. Anthem BC of CA
  113. Allied Benefit
  114. Paying for ADR/fusion hybrid
  115. BCBS question
  116. They Know What's in Your Medicine Cabinet
  117. Looking for Attorney in PA
  118. Dear doctor, we’ve lost our faith in medicine
  120. Financial Ties Are Cited as Issue in Spine Study
  121. Does Kaiser Pay For ADRs?
  122. turned down for my bone growth stimulator
  123. Census: Number of uninsured dropped in 2007
  124. Question ADR reimbursement with Aetna
  125. Paying for adr and fighting insurance
  126. Don't blame insurance co., blame Hayes
  127. BlueCross/Blue Shield of Oklahoma HELP!!
  128. Let's Shield California - 6.7 Million Californians Uncovered
  129. Anyone have Unicare?
  130. kaiser two level
  131. Pls Advise...Blue Cross strikes again.
  132. BC/BS of TX
  133. Thanks for NOTHING, TRICARE!
  134. Time for choosing insurance company
  135. aetna runaround
  136. Has anyone sued Insurance Co.s for pain & suffering?
  137. Kaiser for ADR?
  138. Insurance getting easier?
  139. Update on CPT Codes
  140. Anyone hire a lawyer to go after UHC?
  141. 3-level cervical in 2004 w/Dr. Delamarter?
  142. Medi-Cal = Medi-Hell
  143. Any hard evidence I can show insurance that Prestige better than fusion?
  144. getting reimbursed AFTER surgery. possible?
  145. Anybody had success with Pacificare/UnitedHealthcare?
  146. Surgery Date Set, But Will Insurance Pay?
  147. GHI INsurance in New York
  148. Denied by uhc
  149. Bi-Level ADR FDA Approval in U.S.?
  150. Has anyone tried this?
  151. Only approval for one Disc! What to do?
  152. Help with appeal letter
  153. ActiveHealth Management
  154. Beaten By The Insurance Company.....Again
  155. Independent Medical Review?
  156. Lawyers in CT to fight for surgery?
  157. Please Take An Action For Spine and Herniated Discs !!!!!
  158. ProDisc C Approval from Insurance
  159. 2nd Appeal denied by UHC
  160. Closing workers compensation case
  161. Insurance Settlements May Benefit Patients
  162. Changing Insurance Plans & Prices
  163. Aetna just paid 100% for my 2 level adr at Stenum
  164. Settlement Advances to Pay for ADR???
  165. Humana of Texas
  166. Need Aetna help
  167. For those who have gone overseas
  168. For those of you who have had cervical multi level approvals
  169. Archiving of Successful Appeals
  170. Oregon's WC on Cervical ADR
  171. Lost the battle with uhc
  172. Genes, insurance, law, discrimination
  173. Insurance Craziness
  174. Approved for ADR by Empire BCBS!
  175. so what would insurance cover????
  176. HELP!!!!! which Insurance Carrier???
  177. BCBS of Louisiana
  178. United Healthcare Rejection
  179. ADR - Cost. Going it alone?
  180. Actual Cost of Prodisc-L Device
  181. Arthritis and back problems main causes of disability in U.S. adults
  182. Anthem BCBS
  183. MY insurance definitions...
  184. International Medical Insurance
  185. Anyone with BCBS of TN ?
  186. Anybody have access to ECRI Institute articles?
  187. Im very dissapointed with many people here
  188. What to get active with Senate and House of Reps re Healthcare Reform?
  189. Strategies for arthroplasty coverage on Aetna Individual plan??
  190. anyone had a successful appeal with Messa BCBS in MI?
  191. Government co-op insurance? WTF?!
  192. California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims
  193. Both sides of the insurance debate
  194. Aetna QPOS v. POS in PA???
  195. No Fault
  196. wellpoint sues the state of Maine
  197. Paid cash for ADR because Aetna denied me
  198. Sign of our times?
  199. Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. Full Version)
  200. Possible Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida payment?
  201. Need evidence that Medicare Advantage plan has paid for 2 level Lumbar ADR surgery
  202. Reimbursement after surgery at Stenum?
  203. Cigna Denials
  204. Current Lawsuit against Blue Cross Pro-Disc Denials ( Help Wanted )
  205. Appeal submitted
  206. NuVasive Announces Insurance Provider Policy Reversal to Cover XLIF
  207. so cal people seeking healthcare reform 3/16/10
  208. Can anyone tell me the difference in price for an ADR and Fusion?
  209. Strategy, tips, new rules, etc. for switching provider
  210. Copy of approval letter from Cigna needed.
  211. HIPAA State ins program?
  212. Most states offer an independent review of denials
  213. Single level ADR Cost in U.S.
  214. Dr. Bertagnoli, Pro Spine and C.C. Curasan Consulting
  215. Anyone Have TRICARE or The Veterans Administration Pay for Their ADR?
  216. Blue Cross Denied Fusion - Has anyone been approved with stable spine or for pain?
  217. Whistle-blower Suit (Orthopedic - Hip Replacement Docs)
  218. Can we work together so we can win appeals?
  219. Triwest cervical ADR denied
  220. Some Drs. Actually Care
  221. The moment of truth
  222. Columbia University web site looks promising?
  223. Get insurance approval? or pay cash now and hope for reimb. later? help!
  224. Short term disability?
  225. In need of insurance precedents
  226. Insurance Appeals Letters
  227. Looking for help with workers comp - 3 level Prodisc-L
  228. Ame exam
  229. Anthem Blue Cross of CA
  230. Does Humana cover ADR?
  231. Looking for Precedents
  232. New experience for me....
  233. New BCBS Policy on Fusion
  234. United Healthcare and ADR/TDR
  235. Advocacy Alert: Dr. Thomas Errico Responds to WSJ Article
  236. Any Medicare Prodisc-C approvals?
  237. Golden Rule coverage
  238. ALIF Denied by Tricare, where to go from here....
  239. Canadian Health care coverage?
  240. Insurance Changes: Global Payment Schemes
  241. Letter of Medical Necessity
  242. Unusual Confluence of Politics, Religion and Insurance
  243. BCBS Board Salaries - State of Mass
  244. Darwinism and Healthcare: Where They Meet...
  245. Need some Aetna Precedents for stenum
  246. Accountable Care Orgs and Loss of Choice(s)
  247. Anthem Blue Cross CA class action suit
  248. $52K Hospital Bill, $12K BCBS Approved
  249. Compare cost of monthly insurance premiums
  250. United Healthcare Appeal