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  1. Dr. Nauman (Purdue) -- Arthroplasty Testing
  2. Dr. Zeegers on Bone Testing
  3. Q & A with Texas Back Institute
  4. Q & A with Medical Device Mfr. Association
  5. Q & A with Dr. Filler on MR Neurography
  6. Q & A with ProSpine PhysioTherapist on Recovery
  7. Clinical Trials
  8. Footprint Mismatch in Lumbar Total Disc Arthroplasty
  9. Dr. Bowen on Transverse Myelitis
  10. Dr. Poehlmann on Arthritis
  11. Video Interview with Dr. Thomas Webster
  12. Comprehensive Report on Spinal Arthroplasty Event
  13. Need your questions on arthritis asap!
  14. Dr. Alan MacDonald: Pathologist, Lyme Disease Expert
  15. M6 US Clinical Trial
  16. Comparison of new devices to the M6
  17. Freedom disc
  18. New Trial
  19. ADR + Facet Join replacement