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01-25-2018, 07:41 PM
There are many probiotics available today, but here’s why Master Supplements are commonly prescribed by functional, naturopathic and integrated health doctors who treat chronic conditions:

1. Microbe trains are specifically listed and catalogued. All strains from Master Supplements are backed by clinical studies.

2. FOS are NOT used; as they can also feed pathogenic gut bacteria. This is a big problem for chronically ill patients as you know. Safer, more effective prebiotics are used.

3. Acid-free delivery; the most important aspect of the probiotic! Master Supplements deliver the full payload to the small OR large intestine – unlike any other probiotic.

4. Some other products contain Streptococcus thermophilus, which does not “play well” with other commensal microbes. It’s not synergistic with good bugs to help repair and repopulate the intestinal mucosa.

5. A brown glass bottle is the newer standard for higher quality probiotics. It protects better than any other material.

6. The CFU count from Master Supplements is valid until the expiration date, rather than the manufacturing date. Each and every bottle is lot-tracked and can be verified online by the product number – using a third party to verify product viability.

There are other important differentiating aspects, but these are the critical ones for now. Pls see attached information, and pls note: all shipping is free, discounts are offered for the first orders, and all products have a money-back guarantee.

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Also, please note the cleansing programs, which can help you before and after surgery: