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Harrison 05-31-2017 12:29 PM

Dental Prep Program - Pre and Post-Op
I've been wanting to create a program to help patients get improve their oral health before entering the hospital. I found the right solution by chance -- the owner of Clean Kiss found me and now we are partnered.

In short, these products and program help you by:

1. Providing natural and organic products that kill bacteria in your entire mouth;
2. Making it easy to use the products pre and post-operatively, minimizing chances of local or systemic infection;
3. Helping you recover faster, since the bone growth formula will help your prosthetic osteo-integrate more quickly;
4. Locating a dentist specifically for this program.

Check out these products. BTW, I recommend the complete kit for $179. Start it 4 weeks before surgery and continue 8 weeks after surgery. It also comes with a throat spray, which is easy to use and especially practical after your surgery -- since your throat will be sore from intubation.

Please note: It's very important to get all your dental work done 1-2 months before surgery. Ideally, you will get your teeth cleaned 1-3 weeks before your surgery.

Harrison 01-27-2018 10:19 PM

The Problem

Seventy percent of Americans have periodontal disease, doubling risks for heart disease, diabetes, pre-term birth, even cancer. Research and clinical evidence is clear on how oral bacteria causes chronic inflammation; see this illustrative animation here for more on this process.

As more medical implants are performed, more scrutiny about them will arise. And post-operative complications may be blamed on surgeons, even if the patient has poor oral health and high inflammation. Leading edge practices will protect themselves against the logical assumption that implant surgeries (especially when the patient is intubated) can spread bacterial infection throughout the body.

Dental implants are already being examined in this regard. Peri-implantitis is a leading cause of implant failure and is even more complex to treat than periodontitis. The National Institute of Health states, “The incidence of peri-implantitis was 28.6% in patients with a history of periodontitis, and 5.8% in those patients without a history of the disease.” See this study for more insights as to why oral hygiene is so critical to measure before any surgery!

Healthcare professionals can no longer depend on “the way we’ve always done things. For example, even the Mayo Clinic finds Chlorhexidine, the gold standard of periodontal rinses, also increases heart disease risk in this study. So, sending the patient back to their dentist may not resolve chronic inflammation caused by periodontal bacteria!

The Solution

Clean Kiss™ is first in the world to offer a complete organic homecare system that includes mouthwash, toothpaste, breath spray, anti-inflammatory and bone support supplements focused on reducing inflammation without problematic chemicals. Check out Clean Kiss™ pairs organic homecare with nutraceutical supplements that kill and remove inflammation-causing pathogenic bacteria. Oral health is key to systemic health.

A complete three month kit has three 32 oz. organic mouth rinse, two pumps toothpaste, three breath sprays, three bottles anti-inflammatory supplements and three bottles of bone supplements. Patients pay $179.00 (with free auto-ship shipping).

Organic ingredients can do a better job than chemicals and still be affordable to both patient and practitioner. Clean Kiss products sell for half the cost with twice the botanicals as other products. Case studies are so good (when used as directed) we guarantee gum health improvement. No chemicals, gluten, GMO’s or artificial anything added.

Nutritional supplements support long term periodontal health when combined with home care. No matter what therapy you use to clean up the mouth, homecare keeps it clean and adding nutraceutical supplements can be the key to long term remission.

Pre-surgical Checks and Treatments

Pathogenic bacteria: The popular BANA test uses smears of tongue coatings or subgingival plaque to detect three species of anaerobic bacteria, often associated with periodontal conditions and oral malodor: Porphyromonas gingivalis, Treponema denticola, and Bacteroides forsythus. BANA, short for N-benzoyl-DL-arginine-B-napthylamide, is a synthetic peptide that can be hydrolyzed only by these particular species. In the test, a chromogenic diazo reagent that reacts with one of the hydrolytic products of the peptide breakdown produces a blue color. The test was developed by Walter J. Loesche et al., at The University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

AIC/hs-CRP: Specifically, the A1C test measures what percentage of your hemoglobin — a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen — is coated with sugar (glycated). The higher your A1C level, the poorer your blood sugar control and the higher your risk of diabetes complications. Since one third of persons with diabetes are undiagnosed, and the link between pathogenic mouth bacteria and diabetes is well established, it would be reasonable to test anyone testing BANA positive as well as others.

C-reactive protein: (CRP) is a protein that the liver makes when there is inflammation in the body. It's also called a marker of inflammation, and can be measured with an hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein) test, sometimes also called a CRP test. Since CRP measures systemic inflammation and the link between mouth bacteria and inflammation is well known, it would be reasonable to test anyone testing BANA positive as well as others before and after therapy or surgery. I can refer you to a lab that charges $35.00 for both tests.

Patient Treatments

Clean Kiss Products: We recommend that patients start 4 weeks prior to surgery and continue 8 weeks after surgery. The specific goals would be to:

1. Improve oral hygiene,
2. Decrease microbial load,
3. Lower systemic inflammation,
4. Reduce local and systemic infection,
5. Keep implanted devices clean to minimize infections,
6. Facilitate and speed up osteo-integration of device(s),
7. Speed up healing and recovery time.

The Physician (HCP) Patient Co-management and Referral Protocol

Dentist and PCP referrals: Reporting A1c/hs-CRP results to dentists post or pre surgery, or therapy, develops co-management referring relationships, opportunities to co-educate patients on how they can manage inflammation. Upon becoming a Clean Kiss Affiliate, you will receive up to 3 hours instruction on how to use FREE referral software to differentiate and promote your practice and have your own microsite on the Clean Kiss and Health Care Professionals Wellness Network.

Here’s to better health!

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