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fred c 11-16-2010 12:16 PM

vitamins - before surgery
any idea if taking vitamins before and after spine surgery would help? if so what kind.

Harrison 11-16-2010 12:49 PM

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Fred, this is such a simple and intelligent question! Some times, these are the most difficult to answer...;)

First, your doctor(s) should give you instructions on your pre-operative process. Generally, this will tell you what to AVOID, rather than what to take. They'll tell you to stay away from NSAIDs or other things that may thin your blood (enzymes, E, fish oils). Generally, surgeons don't like it when their patients bleed uncontrollably on the table... :Dead:

I put together a document that is basically from unscientific sources, but you may find it helpful. Use it to frame a conversation with your doctor.

My favorite reference for any kind of naturopathic question is from the late Phyliss Balch, who published the amazing book Prescription for Natural Healing. Just buy it on Amazon -- you won't be disappointed! Any way, pp. 810-812 cover "Preparing for and Recovering from Surgery." The recommendations cover 20+ nutrients, enyzmes, herbs and more. It also covers tests that may (should) be performed by the medical team.

If that's not enough, it also includes considerations, therapeutic liquids, additional therapies and describes different types of yogas. If/when I get some time, I'll make a copy of these few pages and post it here.

BTW: If you have a juicer, just make carrot-apple juice daily. Mix in a teaspoon of organic flax seed oil (to help the body absorb beta-carotene) and drink the fresh juice immediately. You'll have (almost) all the vitamins you need! See the juicing topic in this forum.

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