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stanreader 07-29-2017 06:53 PM

Willing to Share Insurance Submission to BCBS?

I had 3 level ADR with Dr. Clavel in Barcelona in June 2017. I am now putting together a package to submit to BCBS in Utah. I am wondering if anyone who has been through this before would be willing to share the narrative they submitted with the list of exhibits? I'm not looking for confidential information, just a shell, preferably from someone who was succesful?

If anyone has any lessons learned they are willing to share that would be great too!


Matthewdds 08-05-2017 09:59 AM

I am using an insurance advocate to push my insurance company into paying. I found her name off Dr. Bertagnoli's website. She works off a contingency basis. She charges 20% of whatever she recovers. I have no idea if she will be effective, but I believe there is a better chance of recovery w/ someone who does it for a living.

Her name is Missy Conley, and her number is 540-765-1839.

tijeladeacai 03-27-2018 08:58 PM

You should file the claim via BCBS global/core not local.
A friend of mine got reimbursed from his surgery in Germany. No phone calls, no questions asked.

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