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11-23-2005 04:46 PM

hi gang
i just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful turkey day.
best wishes and may your day be pain free

JL 11-23-2005 05:15 PM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Exactly one year ago I was crawling to NYC for my first ADR exam. Tonight I am going dancing. Pinch me, I'm dreaming. I am forever grateful.

11-23-2005 06:15 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

I am enormously thankful.

A year ago I was beginning to face up to "inevitable" multi-level cervical fusion and could see no alternative.

The year since then has been a whirlwind of education and an emotional roller coaster. My condition looks a bit worse, BUT my prospects look a whole lot better!

Saturday I'm getting on a plane bound for Germany. I finished up the last-minute details today, so now I can get excited! Whatever I feel in the next few days, gratitude will be in the mix.

One thing for which I'm particularly thankful is this forum, and all of you who've made it and sustain it.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ... as happy as mine (and that's pretty happy!), or more. :-)


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