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Cheryl0331 10-11-2020 10:02 AM

Entering Germany During Pandemic
1. I contacted my nearest German Consulate here in the U.S. and they told me that it was up to the German Border Police.

2. The German Border Police are not pre-clearing anyone at this time; as they do not have the man power.


3. You must present your Letter of Medical Necessity from your surgeon to the airline at your point of departure.

4. I entered through Charles de Gaulle. Once I was cleared there; I had no issues in Dusseldorf.

5. You must carry a Health Declaration Passenger Locator Card with you at all times. It must be completed in all CAPS. Blue or black ink only.


I had my revision done by Dr. Andreas Schmitz at Clinic Bel Etage, Dusseldorf Germany. He has expertise and skill in revision surgery, and his fine tuned use of an ultrasonic bone scalpel was essential! I developed a spinal fluid leak because the HO had attached to the dura. A second procedure was necessary in order to seal it. Dr. Schmitz has a specialized gel and mesh that he can use for this. I believe that God placed me in his hands. He owns a partnership in the clinic and therefore was able to do an intervention procedure; which you may find at an additional cost where other surgeons are concerned. You can view an interview with him by Jamie Litrun on YouTube.

Please monitor the entry guidelines as they change every 30 days, but can change at any time. I highly suggest choosing an airline that will not charge you for change fees. Exiting through Amsterdam was not a problem, but I have heard of some people being denied the transit on the inbound. I took KLM from ATL - CDG - DUS on departure and DUS - AMS - ATL on the return. Please know that KLM partners with Delta and Air France. AF has 2 flights daily to DUS. The most optimal option if you can find a direct flight into DUS.

Be well and God bless you all in your endeavor! :angel:

Cheryl0331 11-08-2020 12:37 PM

Updates on BMI website regarding travel to Germany

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