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GravyBaby 12-01-2018 12:10 AM

Ozone Therapy for Spinal Stenosis
I was surprised the other day when I met a client who said he had received ozone therapy injections to treat his spinal stenosis. He said he could hardly walk before the injections and was near complete disability. He now could lift weights of moderate size without pain, drive and take good care of himself.

I looked into it a little bit and found that the science and research behind the ozone injection therapy could certainly use more evidence, but the purported results seemed to be encouraging.

From my personal experience, it could potentially have been a step to try before having ADR surgery. For those with spinal stenosis and are not ADR candidates because of the condition, it could possibly serve as a main method of treatment.

It seems my client who welcomed the injections still has some nerve pain where the stenosis directly impinges on his nerves, but the inflammation around the areas is under control, if not completely gone, from the other areas around the bony growths.

Here is a decent article I found on the subject:

I found this information, as well as my client's story, to be encouraging and I hope it helps some readers continue to find their path to recovery!

annapurna 12-04-2018 10:44 AM

We, Laura and I, have been seeing an increasing use of ozone in conjunction with prolotherapy injections. I've said it before and will offer it again:the whole practice of prolotherapy is worth investigating if you're not quite bad enough that surgery is mandatory. It is, though, something that a whole lot of people offer without understanding the science, and recovery protocol, behind it so it's worth making sure that your needle jockey knows what he/she's doing, especially as it's generally not covered by insurance and therefore out of pocket.

GravyBaby 12-05-2018 10:59 PM

Very good advice.

I have seen many clients, including professional athletes, who have benefited from PRP injections. I would like to see how that technology progresses.

This client mentioned above, I was blown away by what he told me. How he was functionally crippled by the stenosis until the ozone injections. It is astounding that something so simple could give him so much relief!

It give me so much hope for the future of medical technology.

Harrison 12-21-2018 11:59 AM

You cannot lose with any of these treatments! I had several in Mexico three years ago. It's worth repeating that ozone is also antibacterial.

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