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GKTM300 12-21-2015 04:32 PM

Newbie here L45 L5S1 Damage Hello
Hi Group. First I would like to thank Harrison as this site has kept me alive for the last few months. I originally got hurt about 11 years ago and was eligible for surgery but thank God most Dr,s are honest and advised against it. Funny thing is that in 2004 a Dr Mark Smith in the next town said he could puta dead persons disc in me eventually. I finally succumbed and went seeking that surgery after talking w several people who had it n were as normal as before injuries, only to find that they don't offer that surgery no more ? Why not? Also the Dr was in skiing accident and in a wheel chair not practicing anymore. His partner said well if it's off 10mm you will be paralyzed! Ok now I work new construction n my tape measure can get me 1/16 the of an inch in accuracy can't the latest science get him to at least 1/1000 of an inch?

I have not had any invasive procedures as I'm am afraid of needle and surgery! But I have been siting in a chair now for 2 years unhappy with my life and away from my family because I am hard to be near. I am also petrified to fly! Well anyways since being here I have lost 25 pounds, as I want to be thin and I read in one post the poster said the Doctors preferred doing surgery on thin people. I am prepared to fly to Europe, hopefully with in a year or so. I am so far thinking Dr batagnoli or Dr Cleval. As they seem to be 2 at the top of their game and also Dr Zeggars. I am an IBEW LOCAL 43 Electrician and the Syracuse University coach does a commercial with our business agent and president. I read He flew in an emergency situation to Dr Batagnoli and flew home rite after surgery he need three cervical don't.

Ok plus excuse my paragraph structuring and grammar although I am educated, science was my love not English grammar!

My first question is what do you think my chances of a very successful surgery are? My MRIs don't look bad! I mean the bulges have just about lost their bulbous characteristic I no longer have numb legs. The pain is basically in lower back region and if I take 30mg Oxy every 4 hours I can feel normal. The problem is I feel the pain clinic is forcing my hand as they have lower my mess way down in last few visits. I am now getting 6 fifteen mg pills a day n I'm in hell half the time. No other type drug helps me really. I had shots Pt and just about everything except Tens unit and chiro. I bought a tens unit at a garage sale, do they work at all? I never tried it.

Any advice any correspondence will e greatly appreciated as I am lonely. The only friend I have is my 11 yr old son on weekends. He wants me healed so we can interact more. His older brother had my full attention at racing motocross and he wants the same. My younger boy is named Dino ! I have four kids 2 are female. My boys love me but my wife and two girls don't.I live alone in an old stripped out beauty parlor I use to rent out.I guess I should be grateful because financially I am OK. NOT wealthy by any means but not on SSI either. WC passed some good laws recently here n I get almost half of what I use to earn. First time out it was a fifth! If I break any rules let me know. I read most of the sticky stuff but half the time it flys rite past me as I am in PAIN ALL DAY N NIGHT and I feel sorry for myself.

Also do any of you believe in Jesus hearings? I do but I have drifted so far from God and into the flesh that I forgot to lead my family to heaven. I believe the born again Christian stuff. It's just that I am a week sinner. Hey if anyone ever wants to chat let me know. I just love talking. Again I apologize in advance as I am the type that speaks first n thinks later and I tell like I see it, even when it comes to describing myself!

What are my chances of GREAT SUCCESS WITH SURGERY AND do you think L45 adr w L5S1 fusion is better or inferior two a double adr? :flaming::bawling::bawling::bawling::mad:

Harrison 12-23-2015 04:43 PM


Your outcome depends on SO many factors. Here's just a few:

1. Is your medical team highly experienced in identifying the pain generator(s)?
2. Is your ADR doc highly experienced in ADR? Are they recommending the correct solution for your problem?
3. What kind of health are you in? How robust and functional is your immune system? What is the condition of your liver and gut?
4. Do you have any undiagnosed problems? Infections?
5. Do you eat raw food? Organic food? Balanced diet? What are you doing to get of prescription drugs?
6. Are you in good psychological shape? Emotional? Spiritual?
7. How well do you know your actual health? Are you working hard to improve it?
8. How helpful is your support network?

I could go on, but you get my drift. We are here for you. :shedance:

GKTM300 12-23-2015 09:52 PM

Facet degeneration
Hmm I was gunho on ADR surgery foe a month then I hit a road block. I have been reading a lot about ADR or TDR (same) and degeneration of facets, n many dr b implants n continue pain with in a year. Read a few peer reviews n they concluded moveable core caused less damage. Anyone have any thoughts?

If you read this post n have ADR please just leave a plus or minus to let me know if you have pain after 1 year or more post op. Thank you everyone

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