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07-23-2007 07:24 AM

Hi Everyone,

After 9 months of pain, tears, research and drugs my husband and I have made the decision for me to have ProDisc surgery on August 22nd. First, let me say that I honestly never thought much about my back aches and pains and never thought about back surgery or should I say the invasive technique to repair damaged discs. That being said I feel as though I came into a period where research is somewhat more advanced than even 5 years ago. To each of you who have helped pave the way as pioneers - Thanks. A special thanks to Harrison for this website. It has helped me tremendously.

Tomorrow, I see Dr. B (USA) to sign papers and order the discs. I have a list of questions but if you think of something that you wish you new prior to your surgery let me know.
August 1st is pre-op day. I see the general surgeon, anestheisologist, cardiologist and give a pint of blood. Then I wait.

My anixety and fear is already kicking in but I am anxious to start healing. Since I had a lower bowel resection 10 years ago I have major concern with scar tissue in the abdominal area. The general surgeon said it was not a big deal - yeah, okay, sure? I do remember after this surgery I threw up on the surgeon. I think it was the morphine? Has anybody not had a morphine drip and if so what was the alternative - Demerol?

I will have my husband post after surgery since he is spending the night with me.

As for cost/payment let me say that surgery was scheduled for July 27th and postponed because of insurance. As of today, my husband has taken over the battle, with pointers from Laurie Todd. Thank you Laurie for your guided insight. Since my husband's company is self insured I honestly have no idea of the outcome. Cindy Lou your experience has been helpful and I understand your disappointment. It is my hope that costs will be decided before 8/22/07 and my focus can be on recovery.

Again, to all who post on this website - thanks, you have no idea how much it helps.

chasswen 07-23-2007 11:22 AM

congrads are order as far as having to make up your mind i know its a tough call. but i think you are making the right call. dr. Balderston is a wonderful doctor. i am sure you will do well
if you need anything {but money} feel free to call or write. {GRIN}
wishing you all the best!!

07-23-2007 01:05 PM

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the message and for the phone conversation the other week. I will tell Dr. B. you say "hello" I think he will be somewhat surprised that I have found his patients not to mention some other information!

Although the $$$ is a lot my husband believes that it is the best choice based on age...the fact that I cannot ever sit still...etc...

He will present my case to the company President later this week. It is my hope that he looks at the "right choice" based on my health but my guess is he will look at $$$. Dr. B's office sent me the cost of fusion vs. ADR and it cost quite a bit more for a fusion. For this reason alone, I may get reimbursed. In all honesty, my focus now is the surgery. I have researched enough...

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