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Harrison 12-27-2005 06:14 PM

Duh...of course you should! Just do any web search, you'll be hard-pressed to find reasons why you should continue with this unhealthy habit. Here's a few things to consider...

From Spine Universe:

...By eliminating tobacco and maintaining a fitness regiment along with a good diet, most people can enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine...

Much more pertinent stuff here:

� Smoking is a leading risk factor for DDD. Although genetic predisposition is the #1 risk factor, a growing number of studies indicate that smoking is a leading risk factor for DDD, both in the lumbar discs (lower back) and cervical discs (neck). Research suggests that smokers have a 3-4 times higher risk of developing DDD and that smoking can exacerbate pre-existing disc degeneration.

� Nicotine deprives disc cells of vital nutrients. In addition to nicotine, smokers introduce carbon monoxide into the blood stream and from there into body tissues. These poisons inhibit the discs� ability to absorb the nutrients they need from the blood. The result can be prematurely dehydrated, less pliable discs � degenerated discs. As the discs become more and more malnourished, there is a greater risk of a ruptured disc. This occurs when the disc contents break through the outer layer of the disc, often impinging on nerves and causing great pain, numbness, and in some cases nerve damage in the legs or arms. These same poisons also interfere with the absorption of calcium, leading to a compromised vertebral structure.

� Coughing, which is more prevalent among smokers, can also add to the risk. Coughing causes increased pressure between discs. This puts added strain on the spine and discs, creating greater risk of disc bulges and ruptures, especially in a spine already weakened because of nicotine smoking-related toxins.

And don't forget to see the list of 599 additives in cancer sticks! See:

Harrison 09-10-2008 04:27 PM

Just one more recent newsbyte on this important topic (video):

GKTM300 09-02-2016 09:34 PM

Smoking n ADR
Bertagnoli says he hasn't seen any evidence of smoking being a criteria for failure for ADR. He also says the same with obesity. His site has two peer reviewed papers on these two topics. Just more info. Whether the same holds true for fusion I don't know. I was going American at first n my USA dr said loose weight n quit smoking if you want me to operate.

I started in December 2015 I quit smoking n went on crash diet. Went to this USA dr four moths later at 70 pounds lighter n not smoking for over three months. Then he told me he hasn't done an ADR in 2 years because they're so dangerous n 1 in 20 get a colostomy bag from intestine kicks well that's when I decided to go to Germany or Spain. While Spain seemed more attractive because of that insurance deal, I choose Bertagnoli because of his reputation n standing in the orthopedic surgeon circle. He seems like he is top dog from what one reads in peer reviewed circles. I did try to get Yue but he was very concerned about payment amount if insurance didn't cover it, then his nurse called n she made a few mistakes due to her lack of knowledge n that turned me off.

phillyjoe 09-03-2016 10:59 AM

Just two points from my side. Yes, stop smoking. Why risk it? You are going into a knife fight, be in as best of shape as your present heath allows. As to knowledge of support staff, yes, always frustrating - but you are seeking the opinion of the surgeon, not the staff. When I visited Yue a few years ago, he was rushing to catch a plane to Germany to assist Dr Bert on a complex surgery. Or at least that is what he said

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