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Harrison 10-09-2006 09:04 AM

Important Reminder Regarding This Discussion Board
Since we launched this discussion board in 2004, people have posted more than 55,000 posts (some were omitted during hosts’ migration). I am grateful to the people all over the world – more than 40 countries -- who have shared their questions, insights and supportive comments with people in need. It’s an amazing community. It is the largest community of spine patients in the world that focuses on all aspects of spine health.

It’s not always easy for me to maintain an orderly flow of information, but for the most part, the forums are self-regulating. That said, here are a few reminders regarding this board:

1. No members here are experts, though many have valuable expertise. Don’t construe any opinions as medical advice!

2. This community is “self-perpetuating,” even though it is amazingly transitional. The general tenor of posts is temporal; sometimes patients will seem to be “pro ADR” and other times against it.

3. Because of these community dynamics described above, be careful about making any decisions based on ANY information from this forum. Rather, use it to frame questions for your appointments with your medical professionals.

4. Please don’t let an individual’s comments or opinions detract from your motivations to post. Some people leave because they get better, others get so busy (because they are better), and still others have poor outcomes and/or other serious health issues that prevent them from tuning back in for support. But it’s the community’s loss when someone leaves because of conflicting opinions. When facing an issue, please involve me – or discuss it openly!

Thanks for reading this. And thanks again for connecting with your “brothers and sisters” around the world! :)

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