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annapurna 03-28-2019 05:10 PM

Icelandair - not such a good option
I'd previously mentioned in a post that Icelandair might be an option for anyone going to Europe but needs to break up the overseas flight. They're well known for connecting through Iceland and encouraging people to spend a night or two in the country.

I tried using them to return from Europe on a business trip and have to recommend against them. They did a competent job, more or less, but there's no one who can address any problems that might arise before you reach Iceland and try to connect there.

My flight from Amsterdam to Iceland was 1 hr and 45 minutes late and I had a two hour connection at Iceland. I made the connection because Icelandair held the outgoing plane for me, and the others on my flight, but there was no one to ask, discuss, strategize or even explore contingencies in Amsterdam. Everything was deferred to when I reached Iceland. That's recoverable if you're in good health and can deal with an unexpected overnight in Iceland but not so good when your health is compromised and have fewer acceptable options.

It might have been different if I had set up my travel at first to have the overnight in Iceland and had already found an acceptable hotel but I wouldn't recommend them if you don't do that and can't handle the surprises.

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