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isitposs 03-31-2007 11:45 AM

Hello ,to give a brief history I fell about 15 foot and landed on a fence where it entered between my shoulder blades.I have had pain ever since which was 9-12-94.tried p/t,epideral injections and numerous meds.L5/S1 has been herniated and is now torn.Seen Ohio neurology surgeons couple of weeks ago Dr.usselman said I was a candidtate for ADR told me of side effects and maybe I should think about fusion since I have alot of leg pain and might need nerve decompression.I was floored after twelve years of being told that there wasnt much they could do or 50/50 shots.I definately do not want fusion they seem to have poor track record.HAS ANYONE HAD BACK AND LEG PAIN AND RECEIVED RELIEF FROM BOTH WITH ADR.I have alot of questions but this already a long post so I will leave it at that for now.I HOPING FOR GOOD NEWS in the replys Thank YOu.edit Well I changed my search in the find option and found alot of info. on my question,I failed to mention I had a discography it produced alot of back pain but no leg pain.I have a four and six year old kids and feel like I have one shot at this especially for them since as any one knows w/kids their most important.Normally the back pain precedes the leg pain unless I am sitting but the worst is standing on hard surfaces.My father and I work together doing concrete and excavating.At the time of my fall I was a lineman for the electrical power co. but I could not take the pain any longer and as I am sure we all know few understand.I am just really anxious and confused and now just rattling on SORRY.Any advice will be much appreciated.

Grizz 03-31-2007 04:46 PM

Yes, I have had both back and leg pain and had it fixed with ADR. I first noticed pain down the outside of my right leg and it was the worst while standing on a hard surface. Especially painful to push a shopping cart around a store. That pain got more severe over a five year period. I had a microdiscectomy 06-2005 which helped some until I was rear-ended by an old 1 ton pick-up three months later. From that period on I had both back and leg pain which slowly got worse until my L4-L5 disk ruptured leaving me in unbearable pain. I could only shower every second or third day, the rest of the time I was in my recliner. I knew I had one chance to save my life and decided that ADR was my best shot after six weeks of research and dozens of phone calls and of course the visit with my neurologist (who suggested another microdiscectomy then fusion if needed). I had a Maverick implanted by Dr. Ritter-Lang at Stenum in Bremen Germany 01-12-2007. Currently I am not on any medication and finished physical therapy last week. Last Thursday I spent one hour doing my exercises, two hours running a chain saw, then rode my mountain bike for two hours. Yesterday I went skiing for 1/2 day with a bunch of my friends. I am a little sore today, but mainly from sunburn, no back pain at all. I consider myself to be as healthy as I was five years ago before the leg pain started. There were six other patients in my group from Stenum and all of them are giving positive reports. The ADR thing is a BIG deal. If you do it your spine will be temporarily severed while the Dr. works within millimeters of your major arteries and spinal cord. There are all sorts of things that can and do go wrong, but when everything goes right it is truely a miracle.


kevin bosse 03-31-2007 05:28 PM

Ha guys
I too had ritter lang 3 level a.d.r and dealt with leg pain.I am currently still recovering. Leg pain is getting better and back pain too.I went thru hell but am slowly crawling out of that hell hole.I go back to work monday on part time basis for 2 weeks I still have to take it slow after 5 months,but like so many drs. told me .It takes 6 months to 2 yrs . So I've learned to be patient.
You may want to consider Texas Back Institute if you only need 1 level done best of luck to you

isitposs 04-01-2007 10:57 AM

Thanks for the replys,it is compforting to know somebody else knows what your going thru.For many years dealing with chronic pain ,eating pain pills to be able to work or just to do something you had to but know you was going to pay for it.I think I will have to put off the ADR until after the summer which is our busy season due to finances and my fathers health.I dont know if I or my family can take another season of painish hell.I am going to as the doc if there is anything he can do to help me deal with the pain for another six months.It has been so much a part of my life I doubt most of the time that I can be pain free,what a terrific gift it would be!!!!I would appreciate any suggestions on "buying time".Side note I told my family physician once that a pair of 250.00 boots realyy help me be on my feet but the help only last a couple of months and I couldnt afford to a thousand dollars a year on boots and wandered if he thought maybe a foot doctor or anyone might help with finding ortho support?His reply was "hell if I know I'm no damn shoe salesman."He is a old cranky country doc,obviously.So any leads in the direction of support in footwear or docs for the back and legs might also help buy me the time needed.Thanks to all !! this site has been a big mental HELP, I was going to ask for something for anxiety and depression from the doc but hopefully this site can help me battle that off.Thanks again.Shawn

kevin bosse 04-01-2007 11:58 AM

Hi Guy
I know where you are coming from, it would be nice to go somewhere where they can say
i'll do this and that and you'll be on your feet in 42 1/2 days ,but unfortunately ,as you well know it doesn't work that way I went around to dr.s for five years ,eating pain pills taking shots, having x-rays, m.r.i Then to a surgeon with a 7 month battery of tests ,and for him to look at me and say "there is nothing I can do for you"I felt like standing up and saying "you fucken quack".But he is the best known Dr. in Connecticut and figured he knew what he was talking about.My best 3 options was to where a backbrace for 5 years or to wait for the U.S to catch up to europe ,or go to germany for the surgery I went to Germany and here I am 5 months later still healing ,but much better
It's a touch decision and it's not only you making that decision it's family fianance etc......There is no right or wrong decision ,it's whats best for you at the time.keep your chin up better days are coming I would talk to your dr. and get a good back brace.Especially in your field of work. Best of luck

Harrison 04-01-2007 03:38 PM

Hi Shawn, welcome to our community. A few of us were in your situation, some like me found relief by using an inversion table. But other have been hurt by the inversion, it just depends on your particular problem.

Call me when you have a chance, we can bat some ideas around...# below.

Alastair 04-02-2007 10:40 AM

Hi Shawn,
Most people who have had a serious back problems find that it goes down their legs and that surgery or a procedure of some description, makes everything go away which is great.

Do remember that not everybody makes 100% recovery but most people are better than before a procedure or surgery.

Take your time and gain as much knowledge from here as you can, KNOWLEDGE is power, be able to speak on the same level to your medical professionals as they speak to you. I wish you well in your search for relief of all your pain

isitposs 04-07-2007 09:41 AM

Hello all,Seen dr.uselman on4-5 said ther is a good chance the a.d.r. would help my leg pain especially since it is normally preceded with back pain.Unfortunetely he had no recommendations on how to get some relief until I can afford to be off work in another six months or so.I am going to try some'walk fit" inserts to get some relief when on hard surfaces also try to get primary to write script for massage therepy for my incredibly tight and spasmatic hamstrings,going to try stretchs when I find some?I might try change of meds also,I now take vicoding,800 mg.Ibuproferen and 10 mg flexeril,any suggestions?MY neuro said he didnt know how many a.d.r. he had preformed but he was the first doc in columbus ohio trained to do the surgery by dr.mullin who was involved in the fda trials.Should I push the issue to try to find out how many he has done?One other questions any luck with acupuncture for anybody??Will try anything but since funds are tight I hate to spend money experimenting.Thanks to all.

Jessica 04-14-2007 02:33 PM

Hi and welcome!

I just wanted to tell you that Gabapentin (Neurontin) was helpful for me with the nerve pain. It takes some getting used to, but no amount of narcotics would keep the nerve pain in check for me until I added Gabapentin to the mix.

I have had alot of acupuncture and it can be of great help to relax those spasms. Some insurance is providing acupuncture coverage.

Hope you find some relief soon.

CHILLEE 04-14-2007 04:25 PM

I definetly understand where you are coming from. I dealt with the same issue where after almost five years worth of records, my ortho looked at me and just said"FUSION", as if there wee no other options. I agree with everyone's reply to educate yourself as much as possible. It's your life to live pre and post op. I grew up doing construction and some concrete work during high school. This is just my opinion, but if at all possible I would try to find someway of staying in your business, without doing the labor yourself. I know how heavy that s*** is. If you and your dad own it, maybe you could hire a skilled worker for laying the stuff, while you work on getting new contracts and even expanding the business. Either way,I wish you the best with whatever path you choose. If you want the Charite ADR, since you are in Ohio. You could consider CINN in Chicago. Dr. Noam Stadlan I believe is in the top three md's in the USA who has succesfully performed the most. He was in charge of the case study along with another handful of md's.Best wishes!

P.S.- By all means ask how many ADR's the md has done! That is your right as the patient. Orthodics can help(I have them in my main 3 main pairs of shoes) but at this point, the way you made it sound, seems like putting a cork in an overflowing dam. Best wishes!

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