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Hey Shogun17. There are two doctors I know for sure can decompress osteophytes from the anterior approach. These are Dr. Biren Desai and Dr. Andreas Schmitz. I know because the international coordinator for Dr. Desai told a facebook group I'm a member of that this is so. And Dr. Schmitz was my surgeon and I asked him that question. Who was it that you asked these questions to? I feel like Dr. Clavel and Dr. Rischke also do this, but I'm not 100%. You can also have a posterior decompression after the disc replacement as well. They literally flip your body over and go back in. For sure make sure that the surgeon is gonna remove that bone spur either during the ADR or immediately afterwards with a decompression.
Sometimes after an ADR is placed a bone spur reveals itself. I've read stories of people having a decompression 2 weeks after ADR because their post ADR x-rays revealed the new osteophyte. Not ideal but this stuff happens and it can be taken care of.
Early 2017 - Episodes of back pain, made sitting hard
Summer 2017 - Couldn't walk for a day, subsided
Nov 2017 - MRI L4L5 degenerate and slightly bulging
Jan 2018 - Nerve pain down back of left leg
March 2018 - Nerve pain explodes, travels down both legs front and back
May 2018 - MRI same findings as before (no focal signs of nerve impingement)
January 2019 - L4L5 LP-ESP ADR @ Clinic Bel-Etage
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