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I read somewhere by law they have 30 days to do the review in but dont hold your breath it will be in your hands in 30 days mine would do the review and date it the day before the 30 days was up or on the 30 day mark then took about 10 days to get it out to me.
I had Great West then but have UHC now. Hope this helps
Herniated disc L5/S1 2000 Discectomy 10/2003 Rhizotomy 8/2004 and 3/2005Discogram 11/04 grade 7 tear L5/S1
L4/L5 Grade 5 tear with herniation and stenosis
Evaluated by Dr Blumenthal at TBI
2/2005 ADR 2 level recommended
2 level lumbar fusion
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