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Well, that went well - - - - NOT !!!

The Dr. on the panel said that UHC HAS NOT approved ADR to date and wasn't sure where I got my information, but it was not correct.

They already had their mind made up. The deal is that the FDA has approved the device with some stipulations. ONLY if the patient has not had previous surgeries - which they consider my 4 level IDET a surgical proceedure (what a friggin joke that was anyway!) and of course my fusion at L5/S1. And, FDA approval only if there is only one disc involved. He stated that all my lumbar discs are involved and that if they approved it, that Pacificare would be liable - that I could sue them.

And, he stated that 60% of these procedures have had bad outcomes - i.e. revision surgeries which are very dangerous and/or spontaneous fusion of the devise???? I've never heard of that.

Anyway, I'm screwed. Plain and simple. They will notify me of the decision, but what chance do I have, really? They didn't allow the Charite' people to be involved in the call so she couldn't talk about multiple level surgeries already performed., etc. etc. etc.

What's the friggin use?
Juvenile Discogenic Disease
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