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i leaving tomorrow sunday to guilford ct to see dr james yue. to see if i can get into the fda clinial trials comparing prodisc to activ-l adr. if im not a candidate ill be asking for a referal to pro-spine
i have my lastest films on cd both ct scan and mri no is cool all the nurses told me they don't do that but later talked to someone else and said it was no problem and it was free. also includes all the reports. just put cd in a pc and has the 3d viewer all on the disc.i have been waiting and fighting with insurance company for well over 2 yrs enough im getting fixed this yr 2006. so hopefully im still good to go i was offered the prodisc study by dr balderston at pa hosp a yr ago so i hope i still am. i really rather not have to borrow the money in case i end up in that 10% that doesnt do well.
best wishes
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