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Default Comparison of new devices to the M6

I will have to take a look at this on the computer vs on my phone, but I want to see end plate size comparisons between the M6 and others.
Having the option with any particular surgeon to use a disc replacement that offers a bigger end plate coverage than another is important. There are so many factors to consider when choosing an ADR, but to me it's knowing your surgeon has options and is not bound to one particular device.
53 yr old 5ft.7in. 141 lbs. non-smoker conservative treatments failed
2007 fusion C4-6 w/peek implants plate & screws, failed due to long term use of cox-2 inhibitor
2008 revised w/donor bone replace plate & screws
2009 fusion Roi-C C3-4
2015 MRI & CT shows incomplete fusion, significant central canal narrows C3-4, mild posterior spurs C4-6, mjr ddd C6-7, segmental kyphosis at C7-T1 2-level ADR with Dr. Clavel
2019 some ddd C2-3 occipital nerve pain , HO behind ADR C6-7.
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