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Originally Posted by RiverMiles View Post
I don't think any of the BCBS federal plans cover disc replacement, only group plans.
Any idea if there's been additional clarification on this? I have Blue Cross FEP, and am at the point of considering ADR for cervical issues.
4/07:LBP + radiculopathy=severe L5-S1 herniation , 7/07:Micro-D, 08-09:Reherniation, 09-17: periodic residual symptoms (conservative modalities to maintain "stability" = prolotherapy, ESI/nerve blocks/facet injections, chiro, massage, phys ther), 7/17 pain in neck/right shoulder radiating into hand (no trauma involved), 7-10/17 Conservative treatment to date include physical therapy/dry-needling/facet-injections (C4/5 to C6/7). Researching surgical options should progression continue.
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