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Like you, I have been very athletic even before I went to Germany for my surgery. I had bicycled near 2,000 miles and did an incredible amount of walking pre-surgery. I went in to surgery at 163 lbs and 10% body fat. The better condition you are in the better your surgery and recovery is going to go.

I had 4 level ADR and was very compressed and re-gained 1" height out of the deal and have had a lot of distraction pain. I am on Lyrica 400 mg per day to deal with nerve pain and would still go through it again in a heart beat. I am much different today than before surgery where I walked with a cane and was bent low to the ground pre-surgery. I stand upright and my posture is amazing today.

I do not know how long I am going to have to deal with the distraction pain but am eager to be on my bicycle and am scheduled for my first ride of the season tomorrow.

Trust God, the homework you have done before surgery, and the care givers there and at home afterwards. You'll remember the pain pre-surgery and realize that you can live with the aftermath as long as the surgeon does a good job. You're heading to a good place and all of the worrying will not make it any better.

Take 5 deep breaths and call us in the morning.

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