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Abbe Here,
Go to the forum
Find Letteski and click on her underlined name. She did post that link. Here it is for the articles:

Hope this helps.

Water ski accident 86'
Chiropractic& PT Pain meds
Discectomy Laminectomy
L5 S1 Partially sacralized
97' epidural injections
L3 L4 ruptured and torn
L4 L5 Almost no disk height left along with osteophytes
Left leg pain and tingling going down back of leg into heel & foot
3 appeals with BCBS no success Lost insurance.
Kaiser Permanente
L3-L4, L4-L5 Prodisc 9/18/09
C5-6 & C6-7 ruptured and looking at hybrid surgery fusion & Prestige ADR
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