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Default L4-S1 herniated discs + C3-C7 bulging discs

Hi Guys,
I have questions that surgeons seems to avoid. I got a couple of estimate from germany and france for 2-3 disc replacements. In addition to herniated discs i have a giant osteophite spur on L5 postero-inferior endplate compressing my S1 nerve root and I asked surgeons if they would be able to take it out when they do the disc replacement from an anterior approach and only one said he couldn't due to the angle being to challenging and the other 2 avoid the question but say yes they can do the disc replacement. So I wonder if the other 2 surgeons are just blowing smoke and want to do the surgery knowing that I will come out better but not totally fixed since the spur will still compress the sciatica nerve.
Any of you had a large posterior spur bloquing the canal and was your surgeon able to take it out from the front when he did the disc replacement or does it have to be done from the back like another one said?
many thanks
Accident during the military resulted surgery -hemilaninectomy decompression L5-S1 in 1989
Constant pain from left sciatica and lumbar area L4-S1 (osteophyte, spurs, Neural foraminal narrowing, bilateral facet arthropathy), T6 Hemangioma, and cervical area C3-C7 (osteophyte, spondylosis, protrusion).
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