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Hello to everyone here at ADRSupport,

It has been a long time for me to post here or to any spine forum. Mark has asked me to update my outcome etc. I thought maybe the best way to do this is to introduce my new web page Impossible Miracle This incredible story of my journey through spine surgery, ADR surgery and a rare revision with horrible complcations is shown here in wonderful web format.

I encourage everyone to visit this site and learn briefly the story, with photos, of my medical tragedy, ending with one of the most amazing miraculous healings. I hope that my story wil help others to not give up. even while suffering never ending pain. But to trust in God who hears our prayers and will lighten our burden.

Of course I cannot thank Mark enough for all he has done to help me and so many others as we have travelled the world of back pain together. Mine is gone forever through God's blessing me. I pray for this to happen to others through God's grace.

Please share the story and the web page with everyone.

God bless,

Willie Beeson