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Lightbulb A miracle, of sorts...

All members!

Finally, after two years of hard work, the high definition DVD is ready for global distribution! Getting Back on Their Feet was produced and created by the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. This film provides a comprehensive perspective on the spine motion preservation technology called artificial disc replacement. It is uniquely designed for people considering major spine surgery (especially ADR) and provides insights from experienced patients.

Produced and narrated by an artificial disc patient (umm, that would be me...) the film follows the journey of seven spine patients who offer candid stories about the struggles, decisions, challenges, and victories they faced along the way.

Getting Back on Their Feet walks the viewer through all the stages faced by a patient choosing to undergo spinal surgery with artificial disc replacement:
  • Problem realization
  • Pain management
  • Diagnosis
  • Exploring options
  • Decision making
  • Surgery
  • Post-op recovery
  • Support
  • Looking back
The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation was founded in 2007 to empower patients and help them research the range of treatments available for their spine dysfunction, whether device-based, biological, or naturopathic.

See the trailer here:

Your contribution to obtain this ground-breaking DVD is tax deductible. Start the secure ordering process here:

Order Videos | Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

There's much more information to come in the next week. Thank you to the people that contributed to this landmark film -- especially the patients interviewed!

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