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There's a fair bit of stuff out there that has unintended or secondary effects as blood thinners. That might be why you're getting such draconian direction. There's probably other reasons that someone with more medical training might be able to offer but we recently ran into a problem when Laura had a harder time recovering from a dental procedure because her normal diet and supplements loaded her up with natural blood thinning agents.

How long are they recommending you get off the supplements? If it's a few days and you eat a varied diet, you might not have any problems; presuming, of course, you're not on the supplements to treat a specific condition. If it's longer than a few days and/or you need to be on the supplements, I'd check with the surgeon's office to see what the logic was. A lot of times, they really mean that they don't want you taking pills, other than the minimum absolutely necessary the day of surgery but fail to communicate that correctly and lead one to think that you shouldn't take anything for weeks ahead of the surgery.

If you don't get answer from the surgeon but still want to take something for your general health, you might want to confine yourself to water-solubles like vitamin C and B12 and limit how much you take of the less easily metabolized things like D and E, trying to get as much as you can of what you need through your diet.
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