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Default I would say I'm glad to be here, but............

Good evening. Like most, I am here in search of advice, knowledge, etc. Besides the stuff listed in my signature, I have additional issues present in MRIs done over a year ago and in the most recent last week. I have bulges at L1/L2, I have subsidence in the XLIF (3/3 other spine docs consulted say the XLIF is too large). Dr that did the surgery is deceased. Oh, and the L5/S1 ain't looking so hot. Trying to be brief with this but thorough.

Leg pain has never been a major symptom for me, until the last six-eight weeks. I've had terrible back pain in the past, and lost significant function in both legs/ankles/feet. Typically recover some after each surgery, only to lose again, usually 16-24 months later.

A little over a year ago started losing strength in right leg and severe back pain (I part-time teach so 3-4 advil right before four hour class to get through). Also weakness in right leg-I had told my wife I couldn't walk with her anymore-it was like i was walking on one leg and too exhausting (and slow for her). The current neurosurgeon suggested additional fusion in L1/L2, which I nixed due to additional stresses that would be placed on L5/S1. He then sent me to a "deformity specialist" who said I needed to fuse T10-L5/S1. Ditto for another consult with an ortho surgeon with excellent credentials and at a renown hospital system. I said no thanks to all that and walking at a 45 degree angle.

Didn't know what to do when a good friend suggested Egoscue, which I summarily dismissed as crap. He asked me to do it as a personal favor to him. So I did with "less than 0" expectations. Over the past year I have practiced it diligently and regained function back up to previous levels. However, recently I have begun to decline again.

With the additional issues noted, now have significant similar pain in both legs, the worst of which is side and front of lower legs, and into the ankles. barely tolerable at its worst actually causing nausea. Have had twi injections over the past few weeks with little relief.

I am very active, working out every morning either weights/cardio, walk with MLW every morning for 35 minutes at a quick pace. Hit the elliptical a couple of times a week in the afternoon. Pain is not present when exercising, walking, chainsaw working, pressure washing etc. Only when standing or walking after sitting awhile and when driving (accelerator leg).

I have read exhaustively on this forum (and others). My neuro says no way for ADRs. I have two proposals from Intl docs saying no issues with doing. Plenty of testimonials from successful folks. Who is the arbiter? Who can help me judge? How can seemingly smart folks be so diametrically opposed as to appropriateness/likelihood of success of treatment? How long can I wait before this becomes permanent?

In reading the forum posts, I feel like I am on Tripadvisor. "The BBQ was the best I ever had!" "The BBQ was the worst ever!" All very confusing.
I apologize for the length. Any ideas would be appreciated. Next summer very busy and feel like I need to so something soon. Thanks.
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