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I've been feeling a little short of breath for about a month and have been very tired since my 2 level Pro Disc in June. Now I've started getting achy joints in my feet and hands. I'm also having a problem with edema in my ankles and legs and slightly elevated BP.

My six month check up with surgeon went fine, xrays looked great. Back feels good, it's the rest of me that's having problems now.

My primary care Dr. ran a Metabolic Panel on me and also ran an ANA.

My ANA came back positive and the dr. said that it indicated a potential auto immune disorder. I had one other test result that was elevated, ALT (SGPT) was 64, normal range <45. Everything else was within normal range.

I'm curious whether or not this could be caused by medication?

I take Baclofen, Norvasc, Zyrtec, Estrasorb and Spironolactone on a daily basis and right now am on Cefuroxime for a sinus infection.

About 8 years ago I went through Hep B vaccinations and then had a booster a couple of years ago.

Anyone have any ideas? I've been referred to a rheumatologist for follow up and am waiting. The first appointment is in two months.

Thanks in advance,

6/29/04 ProDisc L3/4 and L4/5
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