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Just my two cents, but my latest thinking is that some patients who seem susceptible to multi-level degenerative disc disease have “other things” going on that may be upsetting their metabolic processes; e.g. bone growth (including teeth). One question I’ve been gnawing on (pun intended) is the possible connection between chronic inflammatory disease(s) and DDD.

Looking at this issue another way, we’ve talked about the critical role of good oral hygiene in all aspects of one’s health. More articles are coming out regarding inflammation in the body and its possible link to poor dental hygiene. Some professionals suggest the causes are cavities (providing a path to the bloodstream), others suggest specific pathogens in the gums. Time will tell.

But back to the meds. What could be the role of the chemicals relative to dental decay?

I followed a few links from here: to the FDA, but couldn’t really find much in the way of possible side effects that would link to osteoporosis conditions.

Sorry I couldn’t help more, but please keep us posted on what you learn along the way….
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