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Default Hi from Barcelona


I was operated by C5C6 Arthrodesis due to a disc herniation last may 2021.

I did not evaluate options at that time, my disc herniation was huge due to an accident 8 months earlier so the surgeons I visited at that time rushed me to do this operation in order to prevent any bone marrow injury.. I should had seeked alternatives but I was nervious and pained.. so I acceded to the operation.

The first six months after operation I was fine, but at the seventh I got neuropatic pain again on the left side of the neck and left arm, as well as muscular contractions and arthrosis in the zone.

I visited tons of doctors in my country (spain) and all of them told me everything was fine with the operation. The only doctor that has been aimed to reoperate me has been Mr. Pablo Clavel, with the possibility to make an ADR replacement.

I have a few questions that I would very glad to receive feedback:

- Do you recommend Arthrodesis replacement by ADR or it is better to keep the Arthrodesis? I am afraid it could be worse in short/middle/long term? Right now neuropatic pain is not so high but I am totally abstained to do any kind of physical exercise or sleep on my left side. I am also afraid about long term adjacent veretebral disks damage.

- Is there any time that I can wait further to make the revision? If I wait further Arthrodesis could fuse both vertebras and make impossible the ADR replacement?

- Mr. Pablo Clavel uses M6 and ESP, which one you think is better? I have read bad things about M6.. and also about the doctor Clavel itself

- Is there any specific disk replacement to prevent heterotopic ossification? Or any specific post-op procedure? I have read about COX-2 NSAIDs but during how many time?

- Do you recommend any specific exercise to keep in good health the rest of my back? I have been recommended so many things like yoga, swimming, musculation, inversion table.. I am totally lost already.

- What do you think about mother cells to prevent other veretebral disks degeneration?

Thanks a lot and congratulations for this forum

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