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Thanks for your kind feedback annapurna, it is such a privilege to have direct and sincere feedback from experienced patients like you. I have donated to the ADR support foundation and I hope I will be able to help others in a future.

- Regarding my revision of a fusion to ADR, Doctor Clavel was not afraid about the operation itself but about to change spine byodynamics from a fixed level to a mobile one again after a whole year.. the fusion is probably not consolidated yet so it should be take off the fixed disk and introduce the ADR.

- I insisted to Clavel that if there was any risk of being into a worse situation in the short/long term I would avoid to operate.. and that's why I think ESP disk fits better into my perspectives. Anyway I am aware all of this replacements are experimental but when you see some M6 accidents you become very afraid.. it seems ESP is more robust by design (also more stiff.. but I am already fixed so this would be better for my transition from fusion maybe..). I have also asked diagnosis to Dr. Bertagnoli, I am pretty frustrated about the first operation and I would not like to take a third operation if i re-operate now... it seems Bertagnoli uses Prodisc-C Nova as per answer received today.. is not better ESP?

- I haver read about short-term prevention for heterotopic ossification, 6 weeks post-op taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen or nonaprofen in usual dosis (2-3 per day) if I am not mistaken. But is there any long term prevention? Only mobility?

- Regarding exercice, my neck musculature is weak and contractures oftenly when I am sitted down a long time or so.. but I have residual/cronical neuropatic pain on there so I am relegated to soft exercices like stretching or yoga; I still do not find the one that fits better in my situation.

- Stem cells yes, but I would like to take them directly in adjacent disks in order to prevent degeneration as I have these disks somewhat degenerated. I also take daily SYSADOA.
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