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Hi again and thanks a lot for you wise feedback, I am learning a lot from you. I attach an MRI from december post-op:

Doctor already told me c4c5 is dehidratated and c6c7 a little bit degenerated, but still good enough for a c5c6 revision and not causing significant problems right now. I asked how to rehidratate and regenerate that disks, and I was suggested to do stretching, musculation, drink watter.. I read also that SYSADOAs, PRP, stem cells.. may help but at this moment I am just doing some stretching, mild exercise and taking SYSADOAS with watter.

To be honest, c5c6 neuropatic pain is almost gone, I can sleep with no medication (3 months before it was heavy pain), but I am afraid about adjacents disks problems in a future as every time I turn my neck to the right it sounds really creepy and every time I carry some weight my shoulder becomes into muscular pain. Adjacent disks problems may come in 10-20 years so I would like to prevent them (is there any publication about % risk depending on lumbar or cervical fusion?). That's the only purpouse of my revision as pain keeps low like now if my physical activity is reduced.. but I do not know if I am doing a stupid thing.

Anyway if cp-esp is not proper to my case, I will tell doctor during my next visit to better keep like this.. this is the only Doctor willing to make such a difficult revision but as he only works with ESP and M& (not Axiomed) I am becoming paranoid but I do not trust M6 after reading over here and checking internet failures..
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