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Originally Posted by Stonewall_Boris View Post
"- Canadian doctor? Because that what I was told, repeatedly!
LOL, US doc, supposedly one of the best. He personally has a fusion so I think he's biased? He was a rough appt, felt like I should go home and start digging a hole. Yeah, don't get me started on the state of US healthcare today....I'm not pleased.

Originally Posted by GirlCaptain View Post
A thought on insurance appeals
I was denied twice and apparently have useless expensive insurance. They say since I am damaged at multi levels I am ineligible for ADR's. All docs agree they will not cover me for what that is worth. Insurance said I could apply for fusion but it may not be covered.

I am sorry about your accident btw (I'm in similar work), but fantastic WC is covering it!

Originally Posted by GKTM300 View Post
I must say give conservative therapy a try for at least six moths.
I am 17 months since onset. Chiro keep me going for a year, my issue also "disappeared" after 6 months for several months but then returned. Bummer. I have used pain meds, traction at home and finally steroids (oral) I refused injections. Steriods and stopping my activities are the only thing that helped the pain. I took pain meds & muscle relaxants but only when desperate, I refuse to use them long term, emergency only. Some have suggested prolotherapy but only as a mechanism to "give me time" but I'm thinking maybe prolo afterward may make more sense?

Originally Posted by Fathub View Post
He said, "that's correct but your at the age (60 last week) that you shouldn't be doing all the sh!t anymore anyway.. just got back after a weekend of mtn biking Phuk the Cdn Medical System.....
TELL me about it! I am sick of being told I need to start looking at my future, taking care of grandchildren?! REALLY? I guess I should start acting my "age"> To be fair, I met a Dr who is also a runner and he didn't give me that routine, he thinks I can run again.

I hope so when this all started I was planning my first Ultra and do some more high altitude mountaineering.

For what it is worth, I know someone with a hip replacement and knee replacement who hangglides (nearly every weekend), kite surfs and skiis among other things. He's 57.

Thanks for the conversation everyone, it helps.

Cheers, Runner
2015 - Left arm pain and numbness appeared out of nowhere during a short run. Assumed it was my new sports bra.

2016 - C5/6, C6/7; Disc extrusions, osteophytes, radiculopathy. Left side only.

Clinging to the fantasy this will resolve spontaneously on its own.

2017 - Gave up on the dream. 2-level C5/6 & C6/7 Signus Rotaio ADR 15Nov17
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