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Post Dental Prep Program - Pre and Post-Op

I've been wanting to create a program to help patients get improve their oral health before entering the hospital. I found the right solution by chance -- the owner of Clean Kiss found me and now we are partnered.

In short, these products and program help you by:

1. Providing natural and organic products that kill bacteria in your entire mouth;
2. Making it easy to use the products pre and post-operatively, minimizing chances of local or systemic infection;
3. Helping you recover faster, since the bone growth formula will help your prosthetic osteo-integrate more quickly;
4. Locating a dentist specifically for this program.

Check out these products. BTW, I recommend the complete kit for $179. Start it 4 weeks before surgery and continue 8 weeks after surgery. It also comes with a throat spray, which is easy to use and especially practical after your surgery -- since your throat will be sore from intubation.

Please note: It's very important to get all your dental work done 1-2 months before surgery. Ideally, you will get your teeth cleaned 1-3 weeks before your surgery.
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