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Default Stopping Vitamins & Supplements prior to surgery

I know there are some pretty smart people on this forum, so just looking for people’s thoughts on which vitamins & mineral supplements / fish oils, etc, should be stopped prior to having surgery? I’ve been told to stop taking everything, but that seems a little extreme.
Suffered from back pain (on and off) since my 20's
1994 - Began Chiropractic treatments.
1999 - Added deep tissue message to my treatment regime.
Aug 2015 - X-Ray & MRI show DDD at L3/L4, L4/L5, and L5/S1, with severe herniation and loss of disc height at L4/L5.
Sept 2015 - Two epidural cortisone injections at L4/L5.
Apr 2019 - Updated x-rays & MRI show further deterioration of discs from L3-S1, with bone-on-bone at L4/L5.
June 2019 - Three level ADR scheduled
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