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Originally Posted by Jag100 View Post
What are "hypermobile" ADRs? What models should I be wary of?

all ball and socket type ADRs tend to be hyper-mobile with little or no resistance to motion. the Spinal Kinetics has this natural resistance. it is also designed like the natural disc with an annulus and a nucleus, so it may tend to weaken like the natural disc. Axiomed Freedom disc is a simpler design that eliminates the annulus and is a true 1 piece unit. the ELP, Elastic Spine pad is also a 1 piece unit much like the Freedom disc, but is made in Europe. the Spinal Kinetic M-6 and the Aiomed Freedom discs are made in the good ol' U S of A. ALL of them are available in Europe, none in the usa. ball and sockets is all we get here. so stay here and get fusions or 1 or 2 ball and sockets. go to Europe and get the natural motion ADRs and maybe create jobs here in the good ol' U S of A, or not. best of luck.
2007 mri revealed all but 2 discs of entire spine are either bulged, some torn, a few herniated and compressing foramenal nerves or chord c3-4 fusion. myelomalacia at 2 levels, facet arthropathy, spinal and foramenal stenosis, yadda, yadda...
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