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Default 4 Level Cervical decision

Hello all,

I’ve been lurking the site for quite a while. I’m now having to make a decision very soon on a 4 level procedure, so I've decided to sign up with hope to gain some feedback and/or any suggestions to help with my decision. I've done exhaustive research, but I feel like I'm going in circles at this point.

I have consulted with 3 local surgeons, with 2 suggesting 4 level fusion(3-7) and 1 suggesting 2 level fusion(4-6), ADR in Michigan is well behind the curve. I have also consulted with Dr Rasouli who said unequivocally that I don’t want the multi level fusion and he suggested a limited fusion at 3-4 because of slippage with 3 replacements below 4-7. I have also sent my imaging to Bertagnoli and Desai. Bertagnoli has had my imaging since early June with no response, and Tim Vicknair hasn’t replied to my follow up emails. Desai’s liason has told me that he’s on vacation until the end of July. Also considering contacting Lanman or Bray in the US, and maybe Clavel.

My preference would strongly be to stay in the US, and I do like Rasouli a lot, but I’m frustrated with the limited amount of devices available here. However, I’m also becoming very turned off by the lack of response from Bertagnoli for 5 weeks. Patiently waiting to see if I hear from Desai at the end of the month.

Any suggestions on what the best available device would be for multiple levels in the States? They all have concerning features from my perspective. I know placement is key, and by all accounts Rasouli has impeccable placement.

The only reason I’d even consider Europe is device availability, also doesn’t hurt that the Euro has fallen to parity with the Dollar either. However, the long flights and length of stay seem daunting to me. Not to mention the difficulty of follow ups.

Also, what are the odds that I would need blood during or after the procedure? This is also a major concern for me in the current medical climate.

Thanks in advance!
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