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Thanks for the reply Harrison. I've still been in kind of a holding pattern. I did contact Lanman's office, but he's 2 months out just for consultations. I was considering contacting Blumenthal this week actually, to see what his availability is.

I also seen that Centinel Spine just got the FDA PMA for the Prodisc Nova, SK, and Vivo on 7/13. They're supposed to be available in Q4, which begins in 5 weeks. So that rules out Bertagnoli for me, since the Nova is his preferred device.

I did see that Spine Innovations sold out to Spineway last week too, so hopefully there's some movement on ESP's in the States soon. I had read in March that they were trying for approval this year as well.
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2015 Serious MVA
2020 Forced to become caregiver (Physically exacerbated)
Jan 2021 increasing neck, shoulder, upper back pain/tension
Sept 2021 sudden arm weakness, followed by significant atrophy (Biceps/Deltoid)
Dec 2021 EMG levels "normal"
Multi-level DDD C3-C7
Broad based disc spur complex multiple levels
Foraminal narrowing/encroachment multiple levels
C5-6 worst level

Bulging disc L5-S1

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