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Thanks Everyone,


I actually knocked my teeth out when I was twelve going headfirst off a bicycle. This will be the third time I've had my crowns redone :-(


Thanks for the tip I will ask for the dentist to call in a prescription with refills to cover the next few visits. I'm very careful to make sure and go every six months for a cleaning. I will ask about the toothpaste as well. My dentist did tell me prior to the surgery to use Biotene to help with dry mouth from meds.


Thanks :-) I took the Keflex with food so probably slowed down the absorbtion. So I had two doses total, one two hours before and one two hours after. I heard back from the surgeon's office yesterday and they said I should be ok with the dosing too. Only thing now is that my mouth still hurts :-( and is still bleeding off and on.

Thanks to all of you, I feel better now and am not so worried.

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