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Just a question about antibiotics before dental work.

My surgeon prescribed 2 grams of Keflex 2 hrs prior to the dental procedure and 2 grams 2 hrs after the procedure.

I took the antibiotics as directed but when the dentist got done he told me I should have taken the antibiotic one hour prior, instead of two hours prior to the procedure.

Basically I'm having two crowns replaced that were chipped/cracked during my ADR surgery 4 months ago.

My mouth bled a lot and from what I've read on joint replacement and antibiotics the antibiotics aren't as effective if taken 2 hrs prior instead of 1 hr.

So now I'm worried and am wondering if I've put myself at higher risk for infection.

My other question is how long is recommended to wait between procedures since I'm going to have to take antibiotics again? I'm scheduled to go back in 7 days for a cleaning and crown placement.


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