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Don't sweat it!!! Yes, your dentist is right that it may have been a better idea to take the one dose of Keflex one hour before your procedure. Reason being is that Keflex Peaks within in hour of ingestion. HOWEVER it's duration last 6-8 hours. So regardless, you should be covered. Also, other things need to be considered here - most importantly is rate of absorption. Depending on what you ate during the day before taking your medication and other medications you were on could have slowed this process down. - etc. (day of procedure) -

There are many patients out there that have dental procedures who have implants somewhere in their body without taking any prophylactic antibiotic therapy and are doing fine.

I would say that one hour's difference is not going to tip the boat - especially considering that you took the Keflex for a couple days before and after the procedure.

Hokie Dokie? Now quit holding your breath and breathe - inhale and now exhale...... I'm confident you will be okay. ;-)

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