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Here is some more good luck coming your way on your surgery. I hope everything goes as good for you as it has me. SO FAR, it has been a pice of cake. You should be excited. As I have said before, you will not believe the mental relief you will have by getting this over with.

Physically you'll be fine too.

Best of luck

David R. Johnson
1996 Disckectomy at L5/S1
12 Months of researching ADR
Surgery 2/8/07 at TBI Prodisc L5/S1 with Dr. Zigler
Feeling Fantastic !!
2009 L3/L4 Finally Went.
6/2009 l3/l4 clean-up surgery, failed miserably
Surgery with Dr. Z again 1/28/2010, L3/4 and L4/5.
That will make 3 Prodisc's. Lumbar feels FANTASTIC!!!!
5/5/10, failed fromanotimy on c5/6.
6/9/10 C5/6 Prodisc replace with the man, Dr. Zigler.
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