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Hi Harrison,
this sounds like a sort of ADR disc which really just does some "reporting" of the actual movements of the spine. What practical use this is I don't know, it does sound though as if they are improving on the plastics side of things, and it certainly sounds as if the new technology of ADR is being taken really seriously.

ADR Should have been taken seriously many years ago, certainly it was across in Europe, the technology for us in the UK I feel was hidden or suppressed.

Because of our limited medical facilities, I feel that a lot of things like ADR were hidden from UK people for many many years even though it was just a few miles across the Channel.

Talking to one of the UK's leading ADR surgeons, (he is a bright and clever surgeon aged 36 and an up-and-coming star) he said he did a lecture to a group of spine surgeons up in Manchester which is about 170 miles away from London (he had travelled up from London to give this talk). He said he spoke about ADR instead of fusions and other techniques and basically the people who were listening to him was simply disinterested and were going to continue with their laminectomies and fusions in the future.

I think both for patients and professionals, this was a disappointing outcome but it gives you the attitude of a very depressed and frustrated UK medical professionals.
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