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I also am using one and will continue until everything is fused. For me, a standard toliet puts a lot of bending pressure on L5/S1.

David R. Johnson
1996 Disckectomy at L5/S1
12 Months of researching ADR
Surgery 2/8/07 at TBI Prodisc L5/S1 with Dr. Zigler
Feeling Fantastic !!
2009 L3/L4 Finally Went.
6/2009 l3/l4 clean-up surgery, failed miserably
Surgery with Dr. Z again 1/28/2010, L3/4 and L4/5.
That will make 3 Prodisc's. Lumbar feels FANTASTIC!!!!
5/5/10, failed fromanotimy on c5/6.
6/9/10 C5/6 Prodisc replace with the man, Dr. Zigler.
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