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Default not sure what I will do next.

Dr Zeegers insisted I get a Dexa and it shows I have osteopenia in certain parts of my back. I have started taking extra supplements no more Coke Zero for me. L1 is -1.9 T score but L4 is an-.08 The L5/S1 levels where I need surgery are not on the Dexa scan but I did get a CT scan done two months ago they should be able to what the bone density is at L5/S1. As long as L5/S1 are less than -1 I should be able to get active L.

I still don't have my metal allergy results. My primary doctors nurse practitioner ordered wrong test. I don't have any metals in my blood. My doctor was referring me to allergist for patch testing and it was going to be weeks before I could get and appointment. I gave up on them and ordered kit from orthopedic analysis. I have a friend who is a Dr who signed the paper work and drew the blood for me. $400 test.
2007 Herniated L5/S1 Lifting changing X-ray tube at work. MRI PT/ Steroid shots/med
2009 switched to Remote/phone support
2010 workman’s comp lawsuit
2011 Microdiscectomy approved 80% pain relief
2011-2016 few flare ups but would always get beter after a few days.
6/2016 Pain is not going way
07/2016 MRI, tramodol, Nucynta, Celebrex
08/2016 Regenerxx PL-Disc shot- didn’t work at all
10/2016 can't even stand or sit for work for 30 minutes before pain gets worse

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